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Praise the Lord!

Posted: October 27, 2012 by Brandon B. in Important Updates, National Celebrities
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Well praise the Lord everyone!

Carman’s mom is healthy again and doing well! See the power of prayer! See more so the power of the Holy Spirit and the willingness for Christ to heal others! He is SOO good! Praise the Lord!

And I also want to give thanks to Pray For Hollywood for joining in with us in prayer for Nancy! It’s because of the obedience to God when he tells us to pray for others that healing happens and the power of the Holy Spirit moves!

Thank-You guys! And Thank-You Father!

“Hard to believe 3 days ago she had a heart attack but Guess who’s feeling better ? Prayer, medicine and lots of love ! Her blood pressure leveled once they figured out the right medication. The doctor said she needed to git out of the hospital and git moving around to git back to normal AND he cupped his hands over his mouth and announced “No Salt” so she said she wanted to “Get outa this stinkin house and get an Apple Martini” (with no salt ), lol. THAT’S my mother : ) She p

erked right up as soon as she left the hospital – she wanted to go out to eat – sooo …I asked her if she had a message for the folks on Facebook. She said she did, but just know my mom is a bit of a spitfire and not exactly the “tender moments” type: She said—and I quote: “Tell everybody I love them dearly and take care of thier health, cause once you past 70 it all falls to $&%# – This heart problem has been a real pain in my A** ( As you can see shes feeling better, lol )” -From the Carman Fan Page

Join us in prayer over this week for musician artist, Carman Licciardello as we lift up his mom whom has ended up in the ICU with a heart attack. Pray in authority that God will both bring peace to the family and healing and restoration to Carman’s mom’s heart. Her name is Nancy.

Remember the Word says “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27 and make sure to read James 5:13-16


This week I am going to teach a little on what the anointing is, how it works, and how Holy Spirit works in all of this. Also, on top of that, this week we will be praying for Doctor Phil and Benny Hinn! So make sure to watch the video to see the details, and come join us this week as we pray for our celebrities! God bless you guys!